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Indoor Hemp Grow Farm, Fredericksburg Texas

Fredericksburg Indoor Hemp Grow Facility

What started out as an existing horse barn, has evolved into a 4,600 S.F. state of the art indoor hemp grow facility! This is the first of its kind here in Texas.

This facility comes complete with an Automated Irrigation Room, Mom/Clone Room, Phenotype Genetic Room, Grow Room, Dry Room, and Packaging/Storage Rooms. With the current Grow Room layout, the Client can manage up to 500+ plants with the ability to double that as the business grows. The Owners have top notch equipment including top of the line dehumidifiers, air handlers, exhaust fans and CO2 burners. The entire building is climate controlled and equipped to run 24/7. There are 76 LED lights and 34 oscillating fans. The set up is plumbed with a reverse osmosis water system for the best filtration for the plants.


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